Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Phantoms

Another Halloween over….what a great night…we actually went trick or treating outside. Without snow, the wheelchair works nicely outside and we can hit 10 times as many houses. Shana and her gang met up with us and we ran into Sarah and her pack, I wish we would have put together a party….maybe we need to plan one this coming weekend, huh Shana. I did not get photo’s tonight, my bad, sorry.

I almost forgot to tell you…the neighborhood Halloween Phantom hit my house last Thursday. He left a bad filled with Halloween goodies with a note explaining that we were to give out three more bags to people in our neighborhood. It also stated that if we did not then we would have to bare his wrath. They also included a sign that hangs on the door that said we were already hit by the phantom. The girls had a blast putting the bags together and plotting on whom they were going to hit. All week long, we watched kids and parents sneaking through the neighborhood looking for the next house to be hit. So far, we have not seen the wrath of the phantom, I hope it is safe to go to bed…. If you want copies of the letter let me know.


Good Bye Creepy Landlord ....Hello Bank Payments

We finished with Shanas old house, finally, the last load was out around 7pm…another day full of cleaning and moving. We missed Graces party I am so sorry Tab.

The boys set up the washer and dryer, it wasn't balanced, and the washer kept walking all over the laundry room. We finally found a job the kids enjoyed...holding the washer in place.

The boys "unpacking" the office.

The fumes must of gotten to Shana…I found her using the power screwdriver like a regular one.

UAA Holloween Party

Helped Shana move...we actually hauled boxes...yeah!

My Family had to take off early so that we could go play...UAA holds a Halloween fair every year the girls love are a few pictures (I only downloaded the ones from the camera phone, the ones from digital camera are way to big for dialup. Maybe someday I will work on getting those posted). EDIT....I did it are some better photo's.

First Stop...Balloon's!!!

J is the dead sourdough...
maybe Russin Jack headed to Debarr.

I was an outlaw...but J must of thought I was an ASS
cause thats the only photo's of me (i'll spare you those).

LOU LOU Lady Bug

T my dead rotting cheerleader....

Vampire D...

The Old Purple Witch loving a lady bug... Okay its K & M.


Wow ...I was up late last night CLEANING...Shana & Eric's new I felt I needed to get mine clean. Therefore, I didn't help move today. We watched "House Of Wax"...this was a typical scary movie, and not a good one, but we laughed quite a bit. The best part was seeing Paris Hilton get slayed. Her whole role was about running around half-naked.
Jen and Rodney came up to pick up their new snow machines for the Iditarod. I guess they need to be liquid cooled because of the lack of snow up north. Must be nice to buy two new snow machines so you can go on vacation.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Ego Boost .....NOT

I got a slow start today, I finally got a shower about 2:20. Really, I was working on a GS meeting and not eating bon-bons on the couch. I was no sooner dressed and the doorbell rang. Feeling all clean and pretty I answered the door, it was the mailman. Not the usual old dude but a younger stud-ly one and he had a box for ME. As he handed it to me I got this cute smile a with a sparkle in his eye. He gave me the “THE LOOK”, (come on folks it’s nice to be noticed occasionally, don’t judge). I took the box, shut the door. Cause I’m not allowed to talk to strangers.

Ordinarily I would rip a package open immediately…but looking at the return address, I found it was from the world greatest mother-in law. The girls look forward to these holiday packages, they are truly better then Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Great Pumpkin combined. It is a law that we are NOT allowed to open them until we are all together. So I tossed the box on the table… giggled and shrieked…I now realize…that mailstud that was eyeing me… was just amused by the Halloween package and not “My Package”.

We didn’t have time to open the package today, it was one of those days where no one was in the same place at the same time. Boy did that cause a fight when K wasn’t home at bedtime and I sent the others to bed without opening the PACKAGE.


I got to go watch my niece wrestle today….what a rush…It all came rushing back to me. I LOVE WRESTLING….not that silly stuff on TV….but real wrestling. I found myself yelling and stomping my feet, and not just for my niece. The poor guy in front of me probably thought I was crazy. It must be in the blood I remember my mom yelling and stomping. I had to quit sitting by her because she would leave bruises on me…. I only hope that one of my girls will try out. GO BRITTANY!!!!!

Monday, October 24, 2005

ooooo.... scary

Monday Mornings

It’s Monday….the girls bed times is 8:00, 8:30, and 9:00 depending on their age. They are supposed to be in bed at this time they are supposed to be reading for a half hour then lights off. Somehow, they have convinced their father (or themselves) that they do not have to be in bed until 8:30, 9:00, and 9:30 ….then they read….and now on I can’t get them up for school. I will be home at night for most of this week (slow GS week)…guess what girls… mom is putting her foot down.

And I was thinking of getting a night job…..

Sunday, October 23, 2005


The girls came over last night…everyone but the A, she had to work, we didn’t save her any leftovers either. If it were me I would be pissed because we had Eric’s Enchilada’s made by his loving wife, but anyone who knows this crowd, knows you have to come early, or you won’t get any food…huh Bob. I am sorry there wasn’t any left A, but we did miss you…

Anyway, the men folk even joined us and seemed to enjoy themselves. They don’t typically join in on these things, I am sure J appreciated the extra testosterone. They were able to talk union and work….hopefully they will join more often.

With the eight adults came children. It was great, it sounded as if we where throwing a raging party (something that has not been done for over a decade) but really, it was all the children… 12 total. I think we actually almost have one for every year lets see oldest to youngest …11,9,9,8,8,7,6,5,4,3,1,1,… anyway... Even though a few punches were thrown, the kids loved it. The older girls played with the babies, the boys picked on the girls (or play video games) and the babies looked around helplessly to find their mommies. Next time it is at someone’s house with a rec-room….S & S….so we can kennel them all …and then we will bribe someone to sit on them to keep them in line!!! Maybe then, the adults can actually play some poker… Okay just dreaming…as Nate said, “it would take to much planning”.

So after everyone left, my Daddy called, to wish me a Happy Birthday. What a cool Dad!!!

Today we went to a welcome Chelsea home (my GS that was in the hospital) she will have to continue to see the doctors regularly for blood clots and more water accumulating on the brain, and take a shot twice a day but thing look like they will continue to get better. They were very lucky to catch this so early…she was complaining of headaches so her mom brought her to the eye doctor, he saw something odd and referred them on. The eye doctor caught a problem way before the medical doctors would have. This was also the case with my brother, the eye doctor saw weird scarring and he was diagnosis with MS shortly after. It is important to see a real eye doctor and don’t skimp on the tests!!! Even if you don’t wear glasses!

Tonight I am looking forward to my glass of wine and “Desperate Housewives”.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Martha or Maxine

Are you a Martha or Maxine? I am defiantly a Maxine!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


We decorated for Halloween this weekend…the best part… I do not have to dust for two weeks.

I bought Lilly a pair of sanitary panties….the label reads…”Sanitary pants DO NOT provide contraceptive protection….”

I “Kicked Butt” today….different from yoga…it is a great way to kick the crap out of stress. I love this video it is the basics of kick boxing, great for the uncoordinated (like myself).

Note to self…FIND A JOB! Fish Taxi can I have yours it sounds so nice.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY M.......!!!!! If you read this.....

This reminds me with the holidays coming up people tend to donate Christmas gifts and food, just remember all year long there are children out there that are having birthdays. Some cannot afford one….donate a birthday box to your local shelter….include cake mix and frosting, candles, decoration, party favors, and maybe even a gift (latex balloons are not recommended). Use a party bag or a box that opens so that they can see what is inside. This is a great project for children to organize.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Musical Breasts

Scientists are now planning Breast implants that include an MP3 player….reports Ananova.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Yoga Day

This is it the day I get back on track. The smoking and/or stress have added 5 pounds to body. To help the pocket book out I am going to get back on track, no matter how much I would love another new bra it isn'’t worth the belly fat that came along with it. I tried to start running but my knees yell at me for it. Therefore, videos are they way for me to go.
Today, I am going to yoga, instead of blogging!!!! This is one of my favorites when my neck and back are feeling tension...
.a great way to relieve stress!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Fancy this?

It is Illegal for a minor under 16 to own any firearm with parent permission….

but its LEAGAL for a 16 year old to OWN ANY FIREARM without parental permission???

It is Illegal for anyone under 19 to purchase cigarettes lighters or matches with or without parent permission…

but its LEGAL for a 16 year old to OWN ANY FIREARM without parental permission???

It is Illegal for anyone under 21 to purchase or drink alcohol with or without parent permission…

but its LEGAL for a 16 year old to OWN ANY FIREARM without parental permission???

It is Illegal for a minor to ride their bicycle without a helmet

but its LEGAL for a 16 year old to OWN ANY FIREARM without parental permission???

It is illegal for your 16 year old to drive with passengers unless there is someone over 21 in the car with them ….

but its LEGAL for a 16 year old to OWN ANY FIREARM without parental permission???

What happens when the law takes away all of our parental rights?

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

This Weeks Bloggled Thoughts....

Lily is home …well you knew that. What we have pieced together since that post.... is that she took off Monday night…was found in front of a city bus…THURSDAY…. in heat…no clue about where or what or who she was doing before that…

There is a goose in the room above me….sometimes it sounds very ill but it is really SAXY!

Vanilla Extract has 35% alcohol content, so I am told.

Non- Profits suck.

Getting girls to work TOGETHER is very trying.

Sometimes I want to throw myself on the floor and throw a temper tantrum.

Dividends ROCK!!!

Yesterday a moose crossed Tudor Road, at the crosswalk. Not only was he safety consience but he had a rack.

Do other people walk around writing blogs in their head?

My smoking has been cut by 75%...physically I feel crappier. My skin and hair are drier…my body aches…I just want to sleep…

It’s snowing!!!

I forgot T at poetry club this evening. I think I need my GINKO.

I am really procrastinating on the job hunt thingy.

Barley barfed up the mouse that I helped him catch…Lily tried to play keep away with it.

73 days ‘till Christmas…Jennifer told me so.

Don’t you agree she is a spoiled butthead. She also plays bingo ….which makes her old…but she wins…okay she wins every game she plays….she is more than a butthead. Wonder how long until she starts blogging…she just got messenger (yeah she’s a late bloomer) isn’t that considered the gateway drug of blogging.


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I was gonna post but sleep sounds better.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, October 10, 2005

I found this site last may be old news...

as i post this it reads....

The War In Iraq Costs

Instead, we could have insured
children for one year.

Friendship Squeeze

It's going to be that kind of day... I can already tell!!!! There is a lot on my to do list....
but top priority is .....
I am asking you send your prayers out to one of my Girl Scouts....
(or what GS call Friendship Squeeze, just in case you don't pray)

Chelsea is a second grader and one of the greatest little girls. She is so kind, always thinking of others first. Currently she is at Seattle Children's Hospital...she flew down last week to get her migraine headaches check out. I just got word that she will be there another week...I am not sure what is going on but two weeks in the hospital... I cannot help to think it is serious. Her mom said she will be coming back with a partial head of hair... my mind is just whirling....the poor girl.

Please send a prayer to her and her family!!!!!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Lily Update

9 am phone call......Lily was found.....LAST Monday!!!!!!! The lady just now saw the signs.....that were hanging right outside her house......she also took her to the vet yesterday "to see if she was micro-chipped" .....I am not sure how she missed the signs I hung up at EVERY vet office in town..... I have been really obsessed about it all......
I guess I should be thankful that she called and not question these other things....I will bring her a thank you gift.
Now I have to go collect the flyers!!!!!!!! HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 07, 2005

It's a sign

Church signs.....where do they get this stuff?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I went to dog pound yesterday to file a report on Lily….I saw this dumpster on my way in it made me sick….. Then I saw several pit bulls…several black lab mixes…several husky’s….and a ST BENARD….these poor animals. The feeling got worse….I hope the St. Bernard doesn’t escape and follow me home today!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Lost Lily

Lily ran away …I a so sad….now I can’t do anything but think about it. She snuck out yesterday after school and we looked all evening. I stayed up last night and made posters….called Bob and Mark’s morning show I got on but no luck there…I filled out the on-line form for lost dogs with the municipality…E-mailed all of the people I know in the area….the only thing we didn’t do was get her licensed and micro-chipped. Why didn’t we do that?

I just hope someone found her and kept her warm last night.