Friday, December 30, 2005

My World is Crashing

one protable memory stick = one crashed computer, 3 days of updating XP(darn dialup), another day of adding my programs back, and a nasty cold. I am going back to bed...if you call and I don't answer ....ITS CAUSE I AM UPDATING!!!!!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Here chick, chick, Chicken....

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Sing & Be Free

The last detail is in place, the snow has arrived, meaning
I am finally ready for Christmas.
The only thing that will be missing,
is you...

A Child's Christmas Eve Dream
by Van Deusen Humiston, Ethel

Merry Christmas to you all…

Friday, December 23, 2005

A Christmas Novel

Last night I started a new book that was recommended to me by a girl scout; it is called Inkheart by Cornelia Funke, on the first page was this poem.

If you are a dreamer, come in

If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,

A Hope-er, a Pray-er, a Magic bean buyer,

If you-re a pretender, come sit by my fire

For we have some flax-golden tales to spin

Come in !

Come in!

Shel Silverstiein

I have read many of Shel Silverstiens books, and I am sure I have heard this poem, but last night it reminded me of my father. I received my annual Christmas novel from my daddy earlier this week. With me finishing up The DaVinci Code I didn’t get to it till yesterday. I woke up yesterday morning, got my coffee, and climbed back into bed for a day of reading, it took a lot of work but I finally finished it around 10 pm. seeing how his work is STILL unpublished (where’s your blog?) I will give you the rundown of last year for you….

1. Great granddaughter born (named after Great grandma and her Family) Riley James.

2. His 60th Birthday

3. Publishing of The Little Big Man- A very good book you have to go out and buy it I wish I could. Seeing how it still on someones hard drive there is no reson it couldn't be published on the the web. You could Blog it Aunt Pat!!! (not to be confused with the 1970's film)

4. Uncle Bill is in Iraq driving trucks for the Salvation Army (more on him later).

5. Aunt Pat has changed her name to “Patti Been Laiden” she has joined a terrorist cell here in Anchorage. Her and her 20 odd cell members (a class of 2nd graders) captured Stan Lee Moose and have been holding him hostage. They have sent hostage photos and until my father is nice to his baby sister “Patti Been Lainden” Stan Lee Moose will not be returned. This terrorist Cell Group is not to be feared…well, except the ugly little girl sitting in the front of the ransom photo.

6. Dad is now Uncle Ducky’s Pimp…seeing how he has been married at least 7 times, I am not sure he needs one, but… dad hooked him up with an OLD friend, she hadn’t seen Uncle Ducky since before he had any fuzz on his winky. (his word not mine).

7. Dad took my cousin fishing, something he has not done with me in 25 years….but that’s okay I HATE FISH!!!! They scare me! But next time you take her drinking you better bring me, Brandy could be fun!!!

8. My cousin Dalene (Uncle Ducks Daughter) must have sent dad a hell of a Christmas letter, because she had a full page dedicated to her, with photo’s. She must have questioned dad’s relationship with god. Saying that his “religious belief and ordainment as some kind of tax fraud”. This verse was shared in his letter as he tried to convince her his beliefs are real, John the Baptist (probably referring to my husband),known in dad’s good book as the Fisherman of the Galilee, spoke “go thou to the sea, and cast in a hook; and that fish which shall first come up and take” . A cold morning in May dad received this word, when he “cast in a hook and that fish DID take” it was the largest measuring 5.5 cubits in length. As he fought that fish for 30 minutes, the fish was finally on the banks, that was when he truly new he was blessed with the gift…but with on final flip of its tail he was back in the water. This is the point that dad found his calling. To this day he continues his work…the catering to the “Fisher of Men” specializing in Fresh bait, marriages, and baptisms. He asked for no offerings just a little groping during the Baptismal.

(there was also a poem deserves its own place in my blog...I will post it at a later date)

9. He also lectured Dalene about proper language in Christmas letters. Words like Penis, Crap, Erections, and Hoo Hoo’s (a Ute Indian word for beaver?) does not belong in our season greeting.

10. Uncle Bill (see #4) also had an eventful year…he went to find my long lost uncle Fred Whitfield (a huge rodeo star). Bill drove all the way to Hockley Texas to meet him…needless to say Uncle Fred doesn’t ever want to see a Harrington again.

11. With the Harrington’s being known to produce world famous wrestlers, Brittany (my niece) caught the paragraph of the Christmas novel, which is quit the honor. She is noted for being undefeated and that she doesn’t date the boys she Wrestles them. We held a small family meet and she LOST both of her matches and could not move on. She lost to a 60-year-old man in 12 seconds…I also kicked her butt. Being abused by my brother gave me some good moves.

Anyway that was his year …along with that came this disclosure…..

As a word of caution, at times it is remotely possible that I embellish a story or conjure up a concept and even though it sounds feasible, and almost factually correct, you really should not take it as seriously…….

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Man Hunting

Look what we caught, its a trophy snowman.
What could we build that is bigger and better?
Edit --- Because of my blog “Snowzilla” is now known world wide

Anchoarage Alaska on Columbine (Road?) off of Debarr.

(most of my photo's posted here are from my camera phone....its the camera not the photographer)

The DaVinci Code

Well Christmas must be here, because I cannot sleep, I wake up every two hours wondering has Santa come have I missed it all? Or dreaming I found the keystone…

I finally finished reading The DaVinci Code, I had to read it before the movie came out. I would have to say that is was a great read. When I first started reading it, I could not get enough information. I was online looking at artwork and looking in to some of the books that were noted in the book. I had never paid attention to art (except my husbands) I found it all very intriguing. I would love to read up more on Mary Magdalene and History of the Knights Templar, but once the background was laid out in this book …I found it was just another Fiction…no life altering information…just a few more questions. The author Dan Brown is an excellent writer I just think I was looking for something a little more controversial. I already knew about the lies and deception of the history books, government, and yes I believe the “Church” is also involved….paranoid….yes maybe...but it is in man nature to twist the truth to meet his needs. I do plan to read the rest of his books… Angels and Demons is next.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas Letters....

I have been busy. I have finally gotten all the packages mailed. The post office promised they would be there by Thursday, so check your mail. My Christmas shopping is almost done and now it is time to plan menu. We went ALLLLLL the way to Wasilla tonight to, finally, see all the new homes our friends/ family have bought....okay it took two years but....its a long drive. Sarah your house it bueatiful.

I wrote this letter to my uncle and sent it with his Christmas card. As I sat down wondering what to write, I could think of nothing. So I went and opened word, you know to get the juices flowing, this letter was the last document I worked on (minus printing bob's resume'), I thought why let that memory go (the letter not hte rusme').....POST IT!!!!

December 18, 2005

Dear Uncle Don,

I just got news of your hospital stay, I am so sorry to hear that. You are in our thoughts, prayers, and as well as our hearts. It has been a long year with many difficulties.

Dad’s 60th birthday was good and Memorial Day weekend was a blast. We got some really great photo’s of that. I believe you will hear all about it.

After all of that (dad will tell you) Dad pulled one over on us 4th of July weekend. We all headed down to Anchor Point beach to blow off some fire works. Dad stayed back so he could close down the shops. We spent several hours on the beach. The whole town came out and the whole beach was lit up, from the moth of the river to a ¼ mile past the lighthouse. The State Troopers couldn’t arrest us all.

We finally made it back to “the hole in the wall”, dad’s sand pit that we all camped in, dad had put up a road block….we moved it. As we approach camp we notice all of the camp chairs on top of the trailers….okay…. we cussed, not at dad because he was no where to be found, and then we took them down. We get the kids all settled for the night and go back to the fire for another drink. Fires low so we add more wood. About five minutes later we hear a POP, it came from the fire. A few more minutes and we hear another, we all start arguing. “That’s enough who has the fire works?” We argue this and search each other’s pockets… no firecrackers. After a few more drinks, many more “POP” theories, several more trips to the woodpile and several more fireworks POPPing out of the firepit, we got smart….he hide them in the bark of the wood. We spend a great deal of time dismantling the woodpile and found a few more, confiscating them we went back to the fire.

Now that things were calm, we kicked back and enjoyed the lovely night. We are sitting there, it is almost totally dark, the kids and men are snoring, the trees are moving….but there was no wind. All of the sudden Arnie started howling (Arnie is the ghost dad made up, what a punk) and out jumps DAD…. Screaming he has no arm and he is flailing around on the ground “ARNIES GOT ME!!!” he is yelling. The kids don’t wake the men keep snoring and us ladies just HOWL with laughter. He had sat in the woods for near two hours waiting….for what I am not sure. He did get hurt in all of this he messed up his bad leg.

That wasn’t the only things he did …the guys went to bed early, John (my husband) slept with a log under his pillow, I had a hell of a time getting him to move so I didn’t have to sleep on it also. Eric (Shana’s) husband slept with an axe until she went to bed. I am sure there were many other thing that people just shook their head and fixed.

We got him back though but he did not enjoy it much. I am waiting for Christmas to see what I will get in return.

I am not sure why I am telling you this other then to tattle on dad or maybe blame you???

John and the girls are going well I am still a homemaker and loving all the bonbons and soap opera’s. We try to get out of town but some times life just keeps us from doing so.

Again we are thinking of you…take care….and stay well!!!

Love Heidi

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Boneless Girl

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Every once in awhile I will catch a rat in the dog food!!!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Santa's coming to town.

The kids pointed this out while on a field trip. My first thought...CHRISTMAS PRESENT!!!!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

'Tis The Season

Well, K birthday is almost taken care of and it is time to move on to Christmas…the tree is up and the inside of the house is decorated. J has yet to get the spruce trees lit up (in the front yard) or hang any lights what so ever. He is lucky that I have not told my father how he is neglecting me.

I am sitting here blogging procrastinating the dreaded Christmas letter/card, I am temped to photocopy all the past years and tell them we are still the same…or better yet blank ones and you can make up you own story….or maybe a mad lib??? We have re-written poems and we have changed the words to different Christmas carols. We have written the brag sheet and have done the whole photo card thing. We have even chosen to hold onto gifts and cards to resend the next year; we used the excuse of wrong address but what they don’t know….

I decided to on line to get motivated. I found some good advice like this from The Morning News. I personally think “one nation under a grove” is a perfect salutation. The last one may work though.

This site seems to have some good suggestions for content.

Here you can order your letters, they will do it all write it, package it, and ship it. Hmmm…now I wish I had thought of that first. Just like the new Santa’s at the mall, they charge $5 for a Polaroid, $10 for a 3x5, $15 for a 4x6, and $20 to take your own. I would sell my options of copy write on 1 million photos of ugly kids with Santa. Another bright idea I passed up years ago when I worked at the mall with Santa. Yes you can add me to your network, V.

Parodies are a “good thing” here and here are a few examples of those…I could be so clever!?! (if I tried really hard) The ever so clever Anti- Letter seems to be a good one for the clans. I am still unsure where to start…………..

Monday, December 05, 2005

21st Century

21st century Grandma…come to town for a visit … leave the grandchildren with her camcorder for the duration of her stay… she goes shopping …we see her again, in a few days, before the drive out of town… she will view her visit at a later date… when time allows.

21st Century Daughter… phone what is that…read my blog….photos…I posted them on line…forget to use the video camera…sorry…

Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Odd Girls

Odd Girl Out … The Hidden Culture Of Aggression In Girls... All of my life I have never dealt with girls very well. I spent most of my time with my brothers (I hated my sister), I had a few good friends that were girls in school but once it was acceptable to hang out with boys I was all over it. Men, boys, guys tend to just go with the flow…what will be, will be…until you piss them off then “POW Straight to the moon”… I can deal with that.

Somewhere, somehow, something, did not line up for me because now girls surround me. Everything is girls…my girls, the girls, 10 out of 14 times it’s a girl, 28 cookie selling girls, up all night slumber party girls. They are taking over the phone, the internet, the TV, the bathroom, the credit cards, the shopping list…they have landed, THEY’RE HERE.

What am I to do?… learn how to think like a girl. Me, being a girl, you may find that odd…but I do not get them, girls, I have to ask my husband to explain all of the time. When, on the rare occasion, I act like one I force him to slap me silly.

I finally bought it…the book that is… Odd Girl Out … Someone suggested it to me, having birthed three beautifully aggressive girls, they though I could use the help. I have to admit I have been suggesting this book for years and have never read it. I am really not one for reading self help books and am not sure I will ever read this one. See, I read to escape reality not dive deeper into it, but I did buy it.

The intro…It started out as boo hoo book….get over it lady…wah funkin wah…you deserved it…I skipped it and move on to chapter one looking for the key to all the madness. I didn’t get far, I didn’t find the golden answer but ….I can still relate to what she had to say at the bottom of chapter one.

To sum up what few words I have read, the author interviewed 9th graders asking them “What are some of the differences between the ways guys and girls are mean?

Girls…They turn on you…whisper…glares...secretive…They destroy you from the inside… manipulative…targets your weaknesses…aspects of evil boys do not have…plan and premeditation....

This may be the scariest book that I read… maybe… if I get around to it…i may not have to now cause there is also a movie..