Sunday, March 12, 2006

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Friday, March 10, 2006

Erratic Howling

I have been so busy replying to comments that I can'’t find the time to get creative with the debut my new site. So this is it......The title may not be any better then Bloggled Thoughts, but the header as a whole has some symbolic meanings - hidden codes, for the Dan Brown fans. But best of all I am getting rid of the all_askan_gal URL … Anyway I am ready for my makeover!

Now Presenting

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Yum Yum Cookies

My beautiful white CHEVY truck can hold over 1764 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies.


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Bloggled (not so )Partial Thoughts

H2Oasis was a blast!! Lou Lou (aka Melissa) is defiantly a fish, my girls at her age clung on to dear life. Lou Lou just went ahead and swam. It was fun watching her learn how to move in the water and counter act the buoyancy of her life vest. As we floated in the wave pool, on an inner-tube, we sang “Row Row Row Your Boat”, while it was calm and pretended we were in a storm when the waves were going. We also pretended that Bratknee was a shark, Lou-Lou punched her in the nose, but when we pretend she (Bratknee) was a mermaid it was all smiles.

T’s leg is all messed up; she got her cast off Friday, so that she could play at H2Oasis, this weekend. She ended up missing swimming (she hung out and played Video Games rode the elevator) because she didn’t know how her body would work in the water. She has lost some control of her legs. This is very frustrating for her, her legs is weak from the Botox and it hurts when she tries to bend it from the casting. Her left leg has decided it cannot move without the right leg….so, was it worth it….we don’t know, this weekend was just a break, she gets a new cast today, for the 4th week. Sad part is she is looking forward to it…she will be able to move again.

Girl Scouts is kicking my butt, every time I catch up, there is 10 new things going on…This weekend Cookies arrive. Byrd’s troop wants on overnight camping trip, T’s troop is getting lost in the shuffle, and Rose’s troop is in field trip heaven.

Need a cure for overindulgence of Girl Scout Cookies? Become a leader or cookie mom. First year we did cookies, JD and I consumed ½ case of Samoa’s along with taste testing many other flavors. This year, the thought of cookies makes me nauseated.

We went to an Academic fair at the school last Thursday, in honor of Dr. Seuss’s Birthday. Byrd did a scarf dance, to a musical of one of Dr. Seuss’s books. I should have brought my camera. We brought Heather and Hunter with us, Heather was a little nervous, she told me when we got home “I still have the quivers from being around so many new people.” We personally bought 15 dollars of cookie’s and cupcakes at the bake sale. The bake sale was for Chelsea’s memorial fund, in the short time I help out, we had numerous people donate 10 to 20 dollars at a time and not one crumb was left. We are truly blessed to have such a school and parents that is so involved in the community.

Chelsea’s little brother has been diagnoses with the same problems as Chelsea, luckily he is younger and they caught it early. We pray teat they can do something about it.

Rose’s GS troop went on a field trip to the zoo last Friday night. We got to walk around the Anchorage Zoo at night. The zoo keepers were in the process of feeding the animals so they were awake and putting on a show. It was a clear evening so the moon allowed us to see most of the animals. As we walked past Apun the Polar Bear sat up and waved at us, and they told us if something wasn’t done, polar bears would be extinct in our children’s life time. They eat Polar bear nuggets (the polar bears not the GS’s); it is kind of like dog kibble. I thought it odd that there is actually a company that actually makes Polar Bear food. There was a young female moose getting ready to be shipped to another zoo down in the states. She was hand feed since she was young and she played like a pony, bucking, nibbling at the fence, and talking (grunting, whatever sound a moose makes). I swear you could probably love on her, hold her, and ride her, but I did not try. Rose is so afraid of moose that I held her instead. The otter’s (that’s what I want to be when I grow up) were cool; the zoo is re-doing their “habitat” so we saw them in their cages, up close and personal. They eat Horse meat, which is injected with the vitamins. YUCK! The Lynx were the best…you never see then during zoo hours, but Friday night you could see them stalking us from the shadows. Did you know that Anchorage actually has a very high number of them? I didn’t and I did a report on them in JR High. Maggie the elephant still has not used her treadmill….when did she get that? And they are building a new education center, with small critters, and learning stations….I can’t wait. Oh yeah I knitted ½ a scarf during the lectures, oh what fun.

Picture’s ….I will get some more out there, there are tons on my phone, I just need to upload the software again (that will take hours on dial-up, I am going to call to upgrade, TODAY!).

I am sick again…head cold…I want to go to sleep.

JD is done working nights and hopefully we will all get back on schedule. Because he hasn’t been home and we have had company (on and off) the last two weeks, I am finding my self up ‘till all hours of the night. I have been working with a new blog layout, Thor’s Templates are very easy to work with and he explains most of it to you. So go check out what I have been working on...and woking on …And stay tuned for my new look.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Long Lost Brothers

Heidi says:

who is cameron....i haven't meet them

߮φ†@ñ¥ [Your Loser-rific!] +March 4th+ says:

lol cameron is my friend

߮φ†@ñ¥ [Your Loser-rific!] +March 4th+ says:

and my uncle

߮φ†@ñ¥ [Your Loser-rific!] +March 4th+ says:

haha his dog is dutches brother

Heidi says:

lol okay

߮φ†@ñ¥ [Your Loser-rific!] +March 4th+ says:

so im a long line of conecting he is my uncle

Heidi says:

uncle cameron huh....must be your dads side?

߮φ†@ñ¥ [Your Loser-rific!] +March 4th+ says:


߮φ†@ñ¥ [Your Loser-rific!] +March 4th+ says:


߮φ†@ñ¥ [Your Loser-rific!] +March 4th+ says:


Heidi says:

okay...a new brother

߮φ†@ñ¥ [Your Loser-rific!] +March 4th+ says:

cameron is like....pula's brother (pula is his dog) and pula is dutches brother and dutch is my uncle so cameron is my uncles brothers brother which is you simplify it he becomes my uncle

߮φ†@ñ¥ [Your Loser-rific!] +March 4th+ says:


Heidi says:

I get it really dutchs brother?

߮φ†@ñ¥ [Your Loser-rific!] +March 4th+ says:


߮φ†@ñ¥ [Your Loser-rific!] +March 4th+ says:

hes a novashocian duck tolling retrever from dutch harbor

Heidi says:

oh well i guess they are probably related

Heidi says:

we are probably related

߮φ†@ñ¥ - is my niece, my sisters oldest daughter

Dutch – My fathers dog, the sole heir to his estate, my brother.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Karma After So Many Years

When I was in the 5th or 6th grade, I was working on something important, something that had top priority, I don’t remember what but it was important. Whatever I was doing I needed supplies, so I ran upstairs to my mom’s bathroom, grabbed something out of the medicine cabinet, and ran back to my project. About an hour later I showed my face upstairs again, that is when I got it…

I was in trouble, I guess when I left the bathroom I slammed the medicine cabinet and the Pepto-Bismal fell and shattered all over the bathroom, this is the day of glass bottles, so there was pink sludge and glass everywhere, I say “I guess” because I didn’t stick around to hear the fatal crash so I didn’t know there was something to clean up. I am sorry for the man who had to clean it up; I bet that was a bitch, huh? Anyway I didn’t realize that it had fallen and broke, but I was accused of knowing and leaving the mess…

So, today, as I cleaned up the jam, that appeared to be actually thrown into the fridge without the lid. As the guilty party watched, as I cleaned, she kept stating “She didn’t know”, I just nodded and I didn’t say two words. Karma got me back.